"This is where I write a review of your music. So if you want a review here, let me listen to your music and I promise I'll make sure it ends up here with the others"


The Blackbirds Riddles&affairs


This album reaches my heart. Nice vocal, great tunes. This is a Norwegian Rock band. They have finally created an album. AND WHAT AN ALBUM! My favorites on this album are "Worth waiting for" and "Lovesong" The album can be bought at Riddles&affairs


M!ss Crazy - M!ss Crazy II


Mizz Crazy is a Rock N roll band from San Jose California, they play good old Rock N roll music. They've just finished a new album. It is a GREAT album. My favorite songs are "Livin without you" and "Mow" The Album can be bought here M!ss Crazy II


Sideburn - Crocodile

This is Pure Rock 'n' Roll from Switzerland. The album is totally Rock 'n' Roll. The music is very alike Ac/dc,ZZ Top,Georgia Satellites. My favorites on this album are "Live 4 2 day" "Midnight Woman" "Hell on Wheels"!! Buy the album here Crocodile

Sideburn - Cherry Red

Sideburn deliever and deliever, this is a masterpiece. I must admit, this is one of the best records I've heard in ages. They have written a song to Bon Scott called "Ghost of 1980 to Bon Scott". This is totally Rock 'n' Roll. And if you think "That's it?" You're so wrong. They even got a ballad called "Bring the hammer down". This song could go straight to the Power Ballads collection . Awesome Album. You may buy the album here Cherry Red