Johnny Lima: I was bitten by the rock ‘n roll bug when I was really young. I believe I was four years old the first time I saw Kiss on TV. That was the moment I realized what I wanted to do in life. It’s been a great journey so far with lots of ups and downs. I released my first album in ’96 and 13 years later I now have my fifth and what I think is my best album called LIVIN’ OUT LOUD.
Micke (Coldspell): Had this songs and got in contact with Nicky at TSM promotion and he got in touch with Escape-music in UK that called me as soon as they heard us.The album was mixed by the legendary mr Tommy Hansen, Jorn, Helloween, TNT, Pagans Mind.....
Jens (Dimmz): Great. Finally the taboo on Rock ´n´roll is over. Now you can dress up and listen to what ever you want, and ROCK your head off!!!
Pat (Shannon): Is it? *laughing* I have tons of ideas and some tracks are ready for the next album. They sound quite nice and if you liked « Angel In disguise », I am sure you will like the next album.
Cris (Scarlet Sins): There's a certain member of our band (not me!) who is notorious for getting herself in the weirdest situations! At Seattle's Powerbox festival, she accidentally glued her eyes open after thinking she was rubbing hemroid cream over around her eye area. LOL!! She accidentally grabbed the eyelash glue! ROFL!!!
Backstreet Girls: Playing with Rose Tattoo was really great. They said we were the first support band they really liked. Gave us cases with Jack Daniels, hehe.

Lionel (Sideburn): We have been pretty lucky to play with most of our idols (Kiss, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo,Def Leppard, Dio, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Y&T, etc….), but it’s clear that we would love to to play with AC/DC like everybody that is playing this kind of music.

David (Hardreams): The best decade would be the eighties, but I’m not sure, without internet we wouldn’t be able to reach out to the world with our music.
Chris Laney: Well me and Zinny started writing for his 2nd solo album, BUT he wanted me to start a band with him. And since he is one of my heroes, I didn't even think a sec. saying HELL YEAH.With Piper it took some time before we got everything together, but on the other hand, we live on different continents.... I am very proud of what came out of these bands.

Armand (Vio7): I froze out of embarrassment: I saw on the floor white pair of socks in the middle of the black stage filled with all the musicians in tuxedos. A million thoughts started to race through my mind abut how I Must've stuffed those stupid socks(But White?! I never wear white socks, unless I work out)
Deborah (Brain Surgeons): That's too hard-- I want to play in Scandinavia. I've never been to Japan. I'm dying to go to Australia. Yes, there is one place in the world I want to play-- the stage. Fuck, I don't even need a stage. Just gimme the floor.
Vic Wayne: So many Guns n' Roses, Stones, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns yeah I think we have developed our own style but your gonna always get a bit of the influence in there, I wouldent have it any other way . without the Influence there would be no band!! Right?
Nina (Blood Corps): Especially Dan, who is a former Marine and tends to be very business like. However, I can say that he's not above mooning us, and tends to do it on a regular basis. I can't tell you how many times I've had to see that man's ass, but I can say it was about five times too many.
Marky (Vanity XO): damn.... hmmmmmmm........ I've always loved Tommy Lee's beats.. I remember when I was first learning my favorite drummer was the guy from Thrice, But over the years I'd have to say Rob Affuso from Skid row or Tommy Lee are my fav's.
Christer (Eternal): The 80’s is of course a great influence but we also listen to many new bands and get influenses from them.   Nocturnal Rites, Dream evil, Nightwish, Circus maximus and Kamelot are some of them, but I could probably write down a list of 50 more.
Atle (Rowdy&Raunchy): Early 80's. That period had such a potential for what it could do with hard-rock/Metal. The foundation had already been laid with Black Sabbath and AC/DC amongst others and the new technology really put this period as an exciting time to be a band.
Miki (Vanity Ink): Yeah, of course! Nah, you should not take that too seriously. But if you are in a rock band there is a lot of sex and alcohol around. So why not have it all? And Annabella is sexy, isn't she? And she likes to drink also. So there you go, we got sex, and we got alcohol.
Gerry (Matthew 24): I tore my ball sack off when I was 6 years old. Bouncing up&down on a couch with a broken spring, one month later, after it all healed, it happened again. My japanese doctor said "You again!!! What's wrong with your parents????!!
Dean (Gynger Lynn): I finally met a Beatle and I met Alice Cooper I don't know. I would have to say Nightwish would be a band I would love to meet and say "Good Job"!
Tony Kelly(Masque): ...when Bruff had to much to drink pulled his pants down and put his balls on the table where David Lee Roth and Ted Nugent were eating dinner and offered them as desert! It was the funniest thing I had ever seen!
Jason (Kings Of Modesty): Yes, its amazing thing right?...we haven’t even released our debut album yet and we are going to tour with Tarja for major tour around the Europe! Great way to celebrate our debut of course, we have 3 gigs before the actual release date so most of a tour is after releasing which is great.
Markus Allen Christopher: Thanks for your interview and support! It is people like you that keep me wanting to play this music! I will continue to rock and give you bands like M!SS CRAZY and FREAKSHOW because that is what I do.
Stony (GateCrashers): Or when we played at a porno-party in Oslo, and during the fourth song the fire-alarm went off. It was in mid-february, and naturally we had to abandon the building. All the men wore strings and leatherchapps, and all the girls were dressed as playboy-bunnies. Imagine the cold
JP (Vains Of Jenna) No. We are a pure rock n roll band, we might have bleached and teased our hair a lot in the beginning but we never sounded like a glam band.
Sami (Free Spirit): I was 13 years old when I got my first guitar for Christmas present. It was an acoustic Landola (a Finnish guitar manufacturer) and I still have it hanging on my wall. She is now mostly retired, but I still play something with her every now and then just to “talk with an old friend.”
Skidd (DeathMaster): Velvet Revolver turning down Rott to be their singer …They didnt even give him an audition!!..That’s funny..hmmm.. or stupid??
Erik (Evolution Effect): *Lol*, I think that's something me and the guys always laugh at, we mostly have 18-40, but we have had 75 year old people ask for a copy of our songs, I mean nothing surprises me anymore, I'm just glad we can be available to such a wide spectrum of ages and people
Ivan (Ghost:Dog): Would have been interesting to exchange words over a pint with Ian Brown, vocalist from one of the greatest bands of all time, The Stone Roses.
Philip Wolfe (Glass Wolfe): We were writing together and showcasing for many major labels but, after about a year, we were not signed and Rudy and Tommy went on to Whitesnake.
Live Interview with Sahara Rain
Paul (IronCobra): The funniest thing to hear is when people ask us "Where do you get those programs for the great drum and guitar tones and we reply.."It's called a real drum set and guitar amps....check into it"
Richard (Lynzee): You name them and we probably played with them, We played with Masi (Alex Masi), Quiet Riot, TSOL, Greg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band), Cry Wolf, Badlands, Junkyard, Bang Tango, Exciter, Jailhouse, Tuff, Wolfgang Elvis, TRYX, Pretty Boy Floyd, Pair-a-dice........
Chris(Malice in wonderland): After I took over the microphone we recorded an ep in 2003 called "Sin & Decadence" which led to a record deal and we started the recording process immediately after that.In the summer of 2005 the self-titled debut was released in Norway and it came out abroad in 2006.
Thomas(Shakra): Yes, we did a European-tour with Hammerfall and Stratovarius back in 2005. Our record company made this happen. It was a great experience for us. And yeah, we played support-shows for Maiden and G'N'R here in Switzerland. Believe me, it was just fantastic!
Dibih (Tiberius project): Rock'n' Roll is forever.  The producers, radios and tv shows should give more space for the underground world. The true Rock'n'Roll is living there, on the dark, waiting a chance to come to the light. Fuck off the commercialism, long live the true Rock'n'Roll.
David Page(Time 4 change): Yes, the ladies do like the band members a lot! Most comments we get we can't post! We get the girls going crazy at our shows! You might say it’s a good problem.
Jossi(Stingray): Hmmmmm, a couple of weeks ago the bass player was wasted and fell down some stairs and kicked out his front teeth, hehe, it was pretty funny, at least later on.
Aven (Aventyr): The bike took a lot of his time and that left less time to rehearse with Aventyr. We chose rock'n'roll, he chose the harley!
Live interview with Toys in the forest
Oliver(Nine-T-Nine): It all had a purpose that it went the way it did. Some people live in the past and reminisce about things. You should definitely learn from your past but don't spend your energy on “things could have turned out so and so, if...”. That's a waste of time.
One Finger Short: That’s great , a lot of thanks to playstation for creating guitar hero , it is a great opportunity for ordinary people get to know great riffs and bring good old rock back to our homes again..
Live interview with Soul Apart
Live interview with Psychedelic Sunday
Rusty Gill(Peep Show) gigs are always crazy… we don’t pre plan anything, we just go with the flow… occasionally we discuss the set list two minutes before we go on stage haha. You’re Guaranteed to have some sort of bodily fluid splashed on you…. Normally blood but who knows….
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