Backstreet Girls

Band Members (Today's Lineup)

Vocal: B.Müller Drums: Martin H-Son

Gitar: P.Baarli Bass: D.Thunderbird

Website for the band is:



Interview with Backstreet Girls by Ove

Hello guys, and thank you so much for giving us this interview
It’s not hard to tell that I’m a huge fan of Backstreet girls. Since I’ve got 9 albums in my collection. And I love them all.  I guess there’s still a few missing though  

When did BSG get formed’ Why the name Backstreet Girls?

Formed in 1984. Got the name after a Rolling Stones song: Backstreet Girl. Brilliant Boys was the second choice

How many albums are there  now?

13. 14 next year

The first album that came in 1986 is named Mental shakedown(LP), and I must say the song Backstreet Boogie is what Backstreet Girls is all about. Totally rock ‘n’ roll, what’s your opinion?

Totally agree, one of the best


 ‘Boogie to you puke‘ 1988, ‘Coming down hard’ 1990  ‘Hellway to high’ 1999 and my favorite album  named ‘Sick my duck’ came in 2003. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this album. It’s a miracle that it’s still readable. I know you are working on a new album as we speak. What can we expect from this album’ Will it have the backstreet boogie?

Been to France and recorded 17 tracks. It's boogie till our hands bleed!

Who is Pat Diamond’ And what is the story about this Irish rebel?

We haven't seen him since 1995. He became our singer in 1994 after an audition in London

How come Backstreet girls changes their vocal singer all the time’ Is it hard to be a singer in Norway’s best rock ‘n’ roll band?

Personal problems (you know singers!)

I know Backstreet girls delivers 102% on every gig or concert they have. I am one of the lucky guys that have had the chance to see you live. And I must say WOW’ How come Backstreet girls never got a breakthrough in the US ? 

Management (say no more)

If we want to listen to your music or buy your music, where could we do this? Do Backstreet girls have their records at ITunes?
Some at Itunes. Listen at , , . You can buy at,,

Maybe not the right band to ask this question, since you guys have been playing rock ‘n’ roll all the bloody time. But there was a time I was afraid that Rock ‘n’ roll was about to die. Now it looks like “old” bands are coming back. Have BSG ever noticed this? 

Yeah and that is because real rock never dies.

Is Backstreet girls going on tour with their new album? 

Yes! Spring 2009


If Backstreet girls were to play in the US, what could they expect from the band? 

All the best songs and a lot of sweat

I know Backstreet girls have been through a lot. Is there a story that brings up any good memories that you would love to share with us?

Playing with Rose Tattoo was really great. They said we were the first support band they really liked. Gave us cases with Jack Daniels, hehe.

What is the Backstreet girls  highlight so far? 

That we're still here!

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

From 10 to 60

Anyone you guys would love to have on your tour? Such as other bands?

They are all dead. Exept Chuck Berry, AC/DC and Rolling Stones.

Anyone you would love to meet, that you’ve haven’t met already? 

See above, except Petter. He met Angus Young

What is your opinion of ? 


Thank you Backstreet girls for taking the time to answer these questions 

Thanks to you!

Good luck with the new album, and give us the Backstreet Boogie!