Interview with Nina from Blood Corps by Ove

Lead Singer Nina.


Hello Nina, thank you so much for giving Blizz Of Rock this interview.

Nina: No problem! It's my pleasure.

First of all Nina, I’m honored to talk to the lead singer behind the great rock band Blood Corps.

Nina: Thank you very much! I appreciate that.

When was the band Blood Corps formed? What is the story behind the name?

Nina: Blood Corps was formed in 2006, right after I graduated college. I decided to start a metal band because after four years of art school, I had not done anything with my music for a while. I found Dan through Craigs List and eventually after quite a few line-ups, we came to have what we have today. The band name was created by Dan and myself. We wanted "Bloodborne" but the name was taken, and so Dan came up with Blood Corps instead.

I have been searching and digging and I found out that one of your songs “Buried alive” was on a compilation CD by Dark Harvest Records. How did that come about?


Nina: Dan spoke to Dark Harvest Records and they expressed interest in having us on their compilation CD. We had already recorded it using Brandon's set-up at home, so we gave them our favorite song at the time,  Buried Alive.

Have Blood Corps released any albums Where may we find the albums, where could we buy the music from Blood Corps?

Nina: Right now we're in the process of having our EP printed.

Why do Blood Corps change their line-up all the time?

Nina: It has never been our intention to have our line-up change so often. For the first few months, we discovered that certain people either didn't fit, or didn't have the ability to play on our schedule. We've finally got a line-up that we're hoping to keep for as long as Blood Corps lasts.

Lead Singer Nina. 

So it is not because there is a female singer in the band? (Laughing)

Nina: I sure hope not!

Who writes the lyrics and the songs in Blood Corps?

Nina: I generally write the lyrics as I sing. Usually, the guys will play something, I'll give some suggestions, and once there is room for me to add vocals I'll sing whatever comes to mind.

What is your favorite track Nina? And why?

Nina: At the moment, I really enjoy the current EP recording of "Buried Alive" because it includes some of my more dynamic vocals, and I think it's a good example of the type of music that we play.

Your official Homepage is * who have created this site and who runs the site on MySpace?

Nina: I created the website. I went to school for art, and actually taught HTML and web design for a few months, so creating our website was the easiest way for me to know it would get done right without having to depend on someone else. I also do most of the MySpace, although sometimes Dan will add updates.

A song at MySpace is called “Penetrate your mind” , what is the story behind the song?

Nina: That song came during one of our practice sessions last winter. The song was so hard that all I could think of was someone creeping in to frighten people. I don't really like to curse at all in our songs, but Penetrate features the one time that it happens. I think that less is more in this case.

I guess you have heard this question before, but is it hard to be the only female in a band?

Nina: Sometimes yes, just because it can be hard to have my voice heard. But I have faith that that the guys really want to improve and we can only do that by working together. Also, being the only person who has worked in music prior to being in a band helps.

I think I read somewhere that you are going to make a music video. When and where will we be able to see it?

Nina: We will be filming our music video this June. It should be finished by the end of the summer, at the most.

Does Blood Corps have material for more than one album?

Nina: Oh yes! Come to any of our shows and you will be able to hear both older and newer material. At the moment, we're so busy with playing for shows that we haven't been able to schedule time to record our next few albums, but they should be in the works by fall of this year.

Is it possible to see Blood Corps live on tour?

Nina: Yes it is! We will be playing at Alley Catz Friday May 15th with Infliction, Permanent Ascent, and Calisus. After that, we have a few shows that we're working on that may or may not include places in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Madison.

Any bands or artists you would love to have with you on your tour?

Nina: Infliction and Eternal Winter are two bands that we both enjoy listening to, and enjoy working with. They both do really amazing shows and if we could drag them along, we would.

If there was one place in the wide world that you could play Nina, where would that be?

Nina: I would absolutely love to play the Tokyo Dome someday. Hopefully with a sold out crowd!

Blood Corps is a rock band, right? Where do you get your influence? Do you feel that Blood Corps has their own style?

Nina: Blood Corps tends to shift between metal and classic rock. We're technically more of a metal band, but there are times when you can hear a rock or blues influence, especially in our slower songs.

What’s your opinion about the Rock ‘n’ roll coming back? (If it ever were gone)

Nina: I would love it if real Rock 'n' Roll came back, instead of this teenie -bopper Disney Channel created crap that we're being spoon fed.

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

Nina: I'd like to think that we attract a wide range of people.

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from Blood Corps?

Nina: You could definitely expect an exciting and fun experience. Our shows include a few fun military-styled outfits, lots of hair swinging, and lots of energy.

Any instruments you would love to learn how to play, that you don’t?

Nina: If I could, I would play the keyboard. I played piano a lot as a child, but I just didn't have the fingers for it. I can play the saxophone, but I preffer to keep my mouth busy on the microphone.

Is there a funny story you could share with us?

Nina: Well, most of our practice sessions are funny in that the guys are so focused, it's hard to tell if they're being serious or just exhausted. Especially Dan, who is a former Marine and tends to be very business like. However, I can say that he's not above mooning us, and tends to do it on a regular basis. I can't tell you how many times I've had to see that man's ass, but I can say it was about five times too many.

If you could turn back the time and choose a new date to start a band, when would that be? And why this year/decade?

Nina: I think I would have still done it at the time that we did. I was fresh out of college, I had a job and a car and a place to live. Anything earlier and I wouldn't have had the resources. Anything later, and I wouldn't have had the drive.

What is the highlight of your career as rock musician?

Nina: When people tell me how impressed they are by my voice, and how much they enjoyed the shows that we put on. I am so thankful to our fans and friends who continue to support us.

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

Nina: Fabio Lione, of Rhapsody. He has such a beautiful voice, and he is an inspiration to me whenever I write music.

Fabio Lione

Do you know any Norwegian bands Nina?

Nina: Oh yes! Satyricon just played locally and I love their music. Also, Dimmu Borgir. Norway certainly isn't short on good musicians.

What is your opinion about Blizz Of Rock? (

Nina: I enjoy that it's a website "for the people, by the people". I like how personable it is, and how it isn't presumptuous like so many other metal sites out there.

Thank you so much Nina and Blood Corps for using time to answer these questions.

Nina: Thank you! I really enjoyed talking to you.

Blizz of rock wishes Blood Corps all the best, take care Nina.