Interview with Skidd from DeathMaster by Ove

Hello Skidd and DeathMaster , thank you so much for giving Blizz Of Rock this interview, First of all Skidd, I’m honored to talk to the guitar player in the great rock band Deathmaster

Our Pleasure Ove!!

When was the band DeathMaster formed? And why this name?
Aliester and I got together back in May and we started recording in June….The Name??? ..Hmmmm….. Alcohol…lol

What is the story behind the name?

Refer to last answer..Lotsa….

Where have DeathMaster got their influence?

Again!!! …Refer to Last answers !!llol J/K
There are Soo Many Bands and friends who influenced us both,that we would be here all day ..Lets just say From the Partridge Family to the Crue…That good enough??

LOL, yes that will do Skidd. Seem like the bottle is a good friend too, lmfao

I don't know why, but I get some kind of Skid Row feeling from the music?

Love ‘Em.!!! Awesome guitarists and songwriters.

Has DeathMaster released any albums/Ep’s?

Its in the works!! We hope to have the tracks completed by New Years..

One of my favorite songs is “Bark like a dog”. That is one incredible masterpiece! I just love the Riff in this song. Who wrote this song?

I wrote the music and Rott wrote the Lyrics..

Where may we find the albums/Ep’s, is it possible to buy any of your music? Like ITunes?

We are not on Itunes yet..That will all happen in 09 after we finish the CD..

How would you describe DeathMaster as a band, what does DeathMaster have that no band has??

Refer to answers 1thru Hmmm ..We have Aliester Rott as a frontMan..That a good answer???

lmao, Yes a good mix up between Rott and whiskey, That will DO!

Do you feel the band have grown over the years?

Get back to us in May ..Then we will be a year

For crying out loud guys, I almost peed in my pants here. I was thinking as musicians, lol

Every band has a Front man, who is the “leader of the pack”?

Rott ..I follow in a close

Is it possible to see DeathMaster live on tour?

We are lookin into a tour for next year .So we will be coming to a town near you!!

Any bands or artists you would love to have with you on your tour?

The Crue…..And any other’s that will pay us !!lol

If there was one place in the worldwide that DeathMaster could play, where would that be?

In front of all our Troops …We love our Soldiers..

What is your opinion about the good old rock ‘n’ roll coming back? (if it were ever gone)

We feel that Old school has become the New school and that New school has become the Old school…If you drink enough..this will make

I'm a little mixed up here, where is Jack!!!?

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

We have Friends from 12 –73..That Rocks!!

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from DeathMaster?

A shortage of Jack after we left..hehe

Is there a funny story you would share with us?

Velvet Revolver turning down Rott to be their singer …They didnt even give him an audition!!..That’s funny..hmmm.. or stupid??
Well, Rott have a great voice and Scott Weiland well.... This is how I see it, they should have given him that Audition, but then again there would not been any DeathMaster right?

What is the highlight of your careers as rock musicians?

Right now,Its Meeting all our Friends on Myspace and hearing the input from all our Friends..They miss this kinda music!! Are ya listening record companies!!

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

All Our New friends!! ..Ozzy would be cool too..

What is your opinion of the Blizz Of Rock?

Ove KicksASS!!!!

Thank you Cyni Skidd and DeathMaster for taking time to answer these questions. Rock on guys

Thanks Ove for your Help in spreading some DEaTH!!!