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Interview with Paul from Iron cobra by Ove

First of all, thank you for giving us this interview

So, when did the story of the band start? In the early summer of 2008. It started out as a jam session and just grew from there. After recording the first cover "Missippi Queen", we knew we had a great sound and wanted to continue with the album.

When will we find Iron Cobra albums in stores? Hopefull by early November. We're finishing up the last 3 songs and started creating the cover art fot the album. Everybody is so excited about how the album is coming out so far.

Why doesn't Iron Cobra create their own music,  instead of  "Just" being the best ever cover band? We are all about the fun and the "no pressure" recordings. We have all recorded albums in the past with other bands. We figured it would be a blast to take a great rockin' tune and put our spin on it. If and when the time is right, we can and will do originals. All of the proceeds from this album will be going to charity and what better way to honor the bands we're covering then to help us donate to someone in need. That is what Rock and Roll is all about.

What sort of age group are you attracting to your gigs? All. Thats what makes what we're doin' so special. Some kids have never heard the songs we cover and the adults are remembering when and where they first heard the songs. It is truly the best of both worlds. The funniest thing is when kids ask us if we got the music from "Guitar Hero"! 

Now I have listen to most of your songs, and there is no doubt that you admire bands like Mötley Crüe, Judas priest and Kiss. How come?   Back when rock musicians actually had to play thier instruments, all of the albums had great songs start to finish. Not like today when you buy an album and there are 2 good songs and you skip through the rest. Keep in mind when Motley Crue recorded thier first album, there was no "Auto tune" for artists that couldn't sing and no "Beat Detector" for drummers who couldn't play. Did you ever buy and album from a recent artist, listened, loved it and said "wow..I gotta go and see them live!" you do....and they suck? The answer is that musicians today rely on computers and musicians of the past relied on each other. We went back to basics while recording this album and we feel great about it!

Is there any bands that you would love to cover? There are more bands we would like to cover "up with dirt"...(lol) but seriously, we keep our eyes and ears open for the next song to do PLUS our fans give us great suggestions also!

Is Iron Cobra planning a tour? Not as of yet. We have recently turned down opening slots with Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister. We are all about getting the best album out before crossing that road, but who knows where the future lies.

Is there some new cover songs coming up?  We are in the middle of recording "Piece Of Your Action" by Motley Crue and slated to do Barracuda by Heart. Barracuda should be a blast for us. We have a husband and wife team on that one...Dave Bickford (on drums) and Deborah Bickford (on vocals).  The last song is up for grabs. We can't decide on Metal Health (Bang Your Head) by Quiet Riot or Ah Leah by Donnie Iris. (We actually have a vote going on for people to decide the last song! Check out our blog at if you'd like to vote)

If it was one Place in the world where Iron Cobra would love to play, where would that be?Madison Square Garden. Once you've played in your hometown arena you know you've made it.

What is your opinion about the good old rock n roll  coming back? (If it where ever gone)   Thank God! If we see or hear one more band wearing flannel telling us how bad life is...we would have just given up. Now...Kiss, Van Halen and Motley Crue, just to name a few, are touring and they are still showing the "newbees" how the big boys do it! The funny thing we've noticed is that it takes 5 to 8 new band to go on tour together to try to sell out a 600 seat venue when the big boys are out there selling out 22,000 seat venues. It still shows whos on there game and who isn't.

If anyone would like to download or buy something that Iron Cobra plays, where could we actually do this?
We are in the middle of setting up "On-line" purchasing. Right now you can check out what we've done to date by going to
We would like to thank all of the radio stations permoting our music and cause even before the album is completed! We have been gettin airplay in over 12 countries and we're not finished with the album! You guys and gals ROCK! oh...and before we forget....there is an Iron Cobra "fan page" you can go to from our site (Thank you Eileen for making that happen!)

Is there some funny/interesting/strange episodes that you would like to share with us?
  The funniest thing to hear is when people ask us "Where do you get those programs for the great drum and guitar tones and we reply.."It's called a real drum set and guitar amps....check into it"

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from Iron Cobra? One hell of a show...yea, every band would say that but we also believe in stage presence as much as sound. Nothing worse than seeing a live band standing under 1 lightbulb!...(lol)

What has been the highlight of your career as rock musicians? Personally..I have sold my first song when I was 14. I have also played 3 Woodstocks and toured the east coat of the USA. Other guys on the album also have the same resume. Thats what makes this project so special for us, we have already been where most bands are trying to get to. It's all about the music and not the "Self Promotion or how many plays you get on your player on MySpace." We save that for the other bands!

Anyone you would love to meet that you haven't met yet? The person that backed into my car at the mall (lol) We would like to meet and greet every person who has been sending us kudos from the onset. Whithout great people around you, you pretty much would be idle. Speaking of "Idol"..the people we would like to meet would be Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page and Edward Van Halen...We've met countless rockers but they are still on the AWOL list (for now)

Where do you go pretty much every time you get online?
We check out the music scene in general...MySpace, Blizz of Rock (or course) and Harley Radio, just to name a few. We have so many friends that we just like to zip around and say "HI".

What is your opinions of Blizz Of Rock?
What can we say? Just knowing that our brotha Ove makes it happen is good enough for us. He has been a true friend of the the band from the begining and one thing we have learned in the music industry is you MUST always remeber the people you meet on the way up because they are the same friends there for you on your way down.

Thank you sooo much for using time to answering these questions.

Take care and please tell the others that I said hi