Interview with Anton from Sanguinarius and Verkrag by Ove

Hello Anton, and thank you for talking time to answer these questions

Pleasure and thanks for inviting me.

When was Sanguinarius formed?

I started composing 2002/3, and by 2005 I had enough songs ready for an album and Sanguinarius was formed. I was joined from time to time by friends as session musicians, but that didn’t work out for me. I felt that working with others slowed me down and I created so much faster and with better result on my own. All I needed was lyrics so later that year Alta-Sinwhore started contributing. Her demented style in writing lyrics perfectly matched my music and vision.

You have your roots in South Africa, where exactly?

I am from a city called Bloemfontein. It is situated in the center of South Africa and pretty much nothing really happens here – EVER. South Africa is not quite up to date with most metal genres and commercial bands are more in demand. The reception of Black Metal and Metal in general in Bloemfontein is very bad. Needless to say no bands we like ever tour here and we don't blame them.

The name Sanguinarius is a Latin name for “Bloodthirsty” right? Why that name?

I chose that name because the music was mostly about the blood thirst (whether it is physical or psychological) of psychopaths, torturers, cannibals, killers and rapists. Using the Latin term as a medical practitioner would, enhances the reality of the message exposing mankind to the true sickness of the world we all live in.


I still remember the first time I got in contact with you Anton, I was thinking “This guy must be Crazy” but I have been wrong so many times and thank you for that, Why is it that people may find you so special?

The music I make is a reflection of all of our own inner madness. So I try to show that madness physically and through artistic expression. Especially with my new project, VERKRAG the insanity is clearly better embodied in a visual way as well - not just musically.

Is there any band that inspires your lyrics and music?

Musically: Sanguinarius was influenced by the overall amazing sound of bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Old Man's Child, Ancient, and Cradle of Filth. When it comes to raw brutal sounding Black Metal: I love Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, and 1349. For use of choirs and synthesizers: Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh do inspire. More recent influences were the mighty Belphegor, Behemoth and Zyklon.
Lyrically: The lyrics and sound mainly revolved around the human psyche, Christianity, Murder, Rape, Torture, Abuse – to mention but a few. All the evils of the world are a result of human behaviour.

You write the songs and the music yourself, I know many bands hire other people to do guitar riffs and such, is this something that Sanguinarius also do?

I recorded everything myself – guitars, bass, synth, drums and vocals. More cost effective and for the simple reason that it saves time since I know all the parts, so really no reason for session musicians on the recordings.

Have Sanguinarius released any albums, EP’s?

I released two free promo discs. The first had "God's Blasphemers" and "Pedophile Playground" on it and was released March 2007.
The second was the "Beloved Deceased" single and this included a couple of short samples from Revelations as a taste of things to come – released September 2007.
Then on October 31st three songs were released in Sweden on a promo disc with limited edition occult “magazine” Lune Noire.

Is it possible to download your music, Anton?

3 of the Sanguinarius songs are available for FREE download at http://www. verkrag. com/sanguinarius. html. “Tortured Souls” with Alta Sinwhore on guest vocals, The Final War, and Revelations.

I have read some of your lyrics, and you write a lot about incest, Murder, Rape, Torture, Abuse and so on. I get the feeling that you want to demonstrate or make a point?

Mankind is an endless vessel of inspiration. My favorite themes that Alta wrote about are obvious: Christians, since I sincerely dislike them, they really bring out the hatred in me. And murderers, particularly serial killers, who usually have some sort of psychological damage, they fascinate me.

There must be a year ago, when I stumbled into your MySpace site and found Pink elephants. You have a great sense of humor. Probably you need that too when you are a musician today?

Don’t forget the rainbows and Michael Jackson. Just a little something I did to amuse my friends. Living in South Africa you need a sense of humor to survive.

Norway is a well-known Country for black metal, would you describe your music as Black Death aggressive music?

“Psychotic Black Metal” It came along with the creation of the lyrics and music to the first three or four songs. I noticed that most songs were about the sick, deranged and psychotic and I used a lot of atmospheric effects in the music to enhance that theme. I started calling it Psychotic Black Metal and Alta suggested I use the term online as well.

Will we ever see Sanguinarius on tour?

That will not happen with Sanguinarius since it has been put to rest, but maybe in the future you will see VERKRAG live. Time will tell.

Are there any bands that you would love to have with you on your tour?

Well any metal bands are welcome - The more the better. A dream would be to play with the bigger Norsk bands.

If there was one place in the wide world you could play, where would that be?


Blizz Of Rock is trying to create a name within Rock N roll. Will we ever hear Sanguinarius with a rock n roll tune?

No chance of that. And not with VERKRAG either. Hey, if it wasn’t for rock we would not have metal and if not for metal – well you get the point. So respect to the rock bands. It is just not my style of music.

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

The fanbase tends to be as young as 15 and up to the more mature metal fans in their 50’s. Any musicians dream really to be able to connect to such a wide range of people.

I know you lived in Norway, how would you describe Norway?

You truly live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I was completely blown away by everything that I experienced during my stay there. Never in my life have I seen such beauty in nature and felt such freedom and safety in my surroundings. HEIL NORGE!

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

Basically all the bands that have inspired me musically.

Where do you go pretty much, every time you get online?

Myspace, facebook and then the radio stations that promote my music and this includes Blizz of Rock of course.

What is your opinion about the Blizz Of Rock?

I am not a big rock fan but I do enjoy the pages, yes. Good that you update every week. Keeps me coming back.

Thank you Anton for using time to answer these questions
Blizz Of Rock wishes Sanguinarius/Verkrag and Anton all the best.

Appreciate it. Hails from dark Africa!

Stay metal, bro