Interview with Pat & Olivier from ShannoN by Ove

Hello Pat/Olivier, thank you so much for giving Blizz Of Rock this interview
First of all Pat/Olivier, I’m honored to be talking to the lead singer and the lead guitarist behind the great rock band Shannon.

PAT/Olivier : Bonjour Ove


When was the band Shannon formed?  What is the story behind the name?

PAT : The band gathered in 97/98 with Thieery (keyboards) and myself, and then Olivier joined in 2000. We started with covers then our own titles.
As of the name of the band, I proposed it as I found it was sounding nice, with a feminine side and also a Celtic mythological aspect. The rest of the band liked it so we took it!

Olivier : Also, ShannoN is not sounding typically « metal » . It is easy to memorize, easy to pronounce and sounding nice. In fact, we chose it because it was simple!

If I've done my homework I know you released your first album in 2003. How did that come about?

PAT: We issued few demos. Some of them reached small labels in Germany, UK (Escape) and France. They were interested in making an album.
We chose the French label for practical reasons (recording, mixing, in France)

Olivier: As Pat said, some labels were interested in working with us. The reason why we did not make it, is that they wanted to launch the album without us recording the tracks. For us, what we had sent, was only a demo and had to be re-worked. It was meant just to make the band known and give an idea of what the music could be. No way to issue the tracks like that as they could be recorded better, with proper arrangements. We told them and decided to take our time in order to have the best album possible taking into account the possibilities we had. I think it was the right decision as when the album was launched, reviews insisted on the production' quality.

Before this album was released in 2003, you covered other bands, like Bon Jovi and Journey. Would you say that, thanks to them we now have the great band Shannon?

PAT: Sure! Making covers allows knowing each other in the band, working and playing together. And it is always exciting to play tracks you love!

Skid from Sleaze Roxx website says that Shannon is a melodic hard rock band, that falls somewhere between TNT and Europe. That is not bad really, I have to say that I agree. I am a huge TNT fan. (Maybe because they are Norwegians *Laughing*) What is your opinion of Skid’s comment?

PAT: It is wonderful! We like these two bands a lot! It is always pleasant to hear that our music is compared to the one of TNT, EUROPE or PINK CREAM 69. I guess this comparison is done mainly because of the melody. We care quite a lot for melody. We play hard, sometimes heavy on some tracks but always keeping the melody in mind.

Olivier: It could be worse as a comparison! It is quite a compliment. As of to me, guys like Joey TEMPEST or Tony HARNELL belong the top singers category. As for influences and comparisons, it is highly depending on the references each one in the band has. Listening to ShannoN, you can find a lot of influences. Names that come often in the reviews are Gotthard, Danger Danger, Pink cream 69, Fair Warning or Krokus. But when we write a song, we don't care knowing whether it'll sound like TNT or whoever, we just look for something that will sound good. And the common point we have with all these bands, as Pat said, is the search for melody

Who is the brain in Shannon, I mean who write the songs/lyrics?

PAT: Hahaha, brain ??? I'm sure the other guys in the band will like it!
Well, for the music, I do write the songs. I record them on Thierry's home studio, we add samples for bass line and drums, and then I had the vocals line. Then, Olivier works on the vocals and we start working together and submit the track to the other members.  Lyrics are done by Olivier and friends as Damien (for Angel In Disguise) and Manu.

Olivier: Pat comes quite often with a fairly advanced project and we work together on it. It is not always easy as Pat knows exactly how he wants the track to sound and it happens that I have a different feeling. With Pat, we have strong characters and it can be sometimes... electric. As each one of us is sure to be right and is obstinate, it may be sometimes funny to see. But this does not prevent us working quite well together, I even think that these tensions are good for the band. It obliges us to walk in the other's shoes, try to understand what he wants o do and try to find a solution as the only thing that matters is the band's interest.


"No better times" and "Hungry for love" is my favorite songs so far. I have just ordered the latest album from  is it possible to live without it?

PAT: Is it? *laughing* I have tons of ideas and some tracks are ready for the next album. They sound quite nice and if you liked « Angel In disguise », I am sure you will like the next album.

Olivier: I guess it depends on what you like. Listening to the tracks we already recorded, I'd say that they are good, that one's can find our trademark with melody, a powerful rhythm section, sharp riffs and a strong care to choruses and arrangements. But this album shall not be a second AID. The band evolves constantly and the music also. Thus, like Pat, I think that you will like our next album.

How many albums have Shannon released?

PAT: Oooh. Quite a lot!. 2 records! *LAUGHING* First one in 2003 and the second one "Angel In Disguise" in 2008. They are available on our MySpace page.  We faced problems with our label and line-up (bass and drums) between the two albums, we lost a little time. 

Released 2003Released 2008

If we would like to listen to your music before we buy it, is that possible? Where?

PAT: On MySpace,  MySpace is a wonderful tool to meet some bands. It is quite easy to discover new bands. We can listen to music, see videos, buy records, see the shows dates. One single page, just one click away! Easy and friendly user!

The last album was released in 2008 called "Angel in Disguise".  Do you feel the band have grown since the first album came in 2003?

PAT: Yes, for sure. We earned maturity thanks to the experience we have gained through the years. You can feel it in the new tracks and on stage!

Olivier: It is an evidence. Our first album is the result of 4 years of work where we learned to know each other and learn how to work together. On this album, you will find tracks we created along these four years. It is somehow a concentrate of the beginnings of the band. This is why one's can find quite different tracks, musically. For AID, the album is homogeneous, mature. I guess it is due to the fact that we have found a convenient way of working together and assimilated our influences. It shall be even clearer on our next album.

Is it possible to see Shannon live on tour?

PAT: For the moment unfortunately not. We played few dates but only in France. We would love to play all over Europe and elsewhere!

Any bands or artists you would love to have with you on your tour?

PAT: Anyone who like us! *Laughing* Personally, I love so many bands. I'd say Gotthard, Edguy, Treat, Hinder or Motley Crüe..
Olivier: If I could chose, I'd say Gotthard or Whitesnake. In fact, I'd like to tour with anyone. We've had the opportunity to share stages with bands like Pink Cream 69, Axxis or Jeff Scott Soto, and it is quite interesting as you learn a lot and you have wonderful memories.

If there was one place in the world wide that you could play Pat/Olivier where would that be?

PAT: There are so many big and nice show halls all around the world.  No matter where we play, the most exciting thing is to play in a place filled with enthusiastic fans!

Olivier: There is no special hall where I'd love to play. But there are place where I'd love touring. Japan is one of them. Scandinavia also as, like in Japan, there is a lot of fans of melodic hard rock. Just checking the numerous bands that came out recently.

What's your opinion about the Rock & roll coming back?  (If it ever was gone)

Olivier: For us it is a good thing as the public cares for the rock in general and hard rock particularly. In the beginning, I took it cautiously as it arrived with the re-union of some bands I was listening to in the 80's. Though I appreciated hearing them again, I found that there was no place for new bands as record companies were dealing with re-uniting bands or band with a big name in the lineup. It is still the case now even though some new comers can find a little place.

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

PAT: From 7 to 90, you can find excellent ear amplifiers still. *Laughing* !  Let's say that, most of them are from our generation who grew up with Scorpions, Kiss or AC/DC, so an average around 40 years old. But we see kids that start listening to hard rock.  We have to say that France is definitely not a "rock" country as Scandinavia or Germany can be. Media never show any interest for rock music.  And if you don't believe me, just have a glance on the Eurovision contest. While Lordi wins, just check what France has presented. A real shit!  France is the least country in Europe for rock, I guess that former eastern countries are more open than we can be! 

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from Shannon?

PAT: Euh....Hello Oslo or Hello Trondheim ! *Laughing out loud* But right after some burning songs that any TNT, Bonfire or Danger Danger fans would love!

Any instruments you would love to learn how to use, that you don't?

Olivier: As of to me, I find all instruments interesting, but a few. I play a little guitar but I don't consider myself as a guitar player. A guitarist is a guy that works relentlessly. Me, I'm just a guy that plays guitar. I take mine from times to times to compose or for my own pleasure. Maybe someday, if needed, I'll play few rhythm riffs on stage, no one knows!

Is there a funny story you would share with us?

PAT: Yes, when my cordless system failed on stage. I rushed to take a 10 meter jack and resume the song immediately. But the stage was big and while running to the front, the jack got loose. I kept on playing thinking « Hell, the returns are out of order also, I can't hear myself. » It's just when I saw Olivier and BenJ, our drummer, laughing like hell that I understood that this bloody jack had unplugged.

I have been to your website Who is the creator of that site? It is really a good design. Is it the same person that creates the design on your albums?

PAT: We have technical problems with our site, right now. It shall be redesigned even though we keep the image which is AID' cover. This is very nice. It has been done by Marc Leroy, a French artist. He's quite gifted and we hope we shall work again together in the near future.

If you could turn back the time and choose a new date to start a band, when would that be? Why do you choose this year/decade?

PAT : To be in line with the music we're playing, I'd say of course the eighties when bands like Europe, Bon Jovi or TNT you were talking about were bursting all over the world. ShannoN could be heard more often. But that's life. We don't live from our music but we have good time. It is what it's meant for, isn't it?!

What is your highlight of your careers as rock musicians?

PAT: Our first gig supporting Axxis and Pink Cream 69. It was our first show together and David Readman (PC69's singer) is a quite cool guy.  And I'd add the unanimity of the media when we launched our last album "Angel In Disguise"!

Olivier: If we take aside the shows, what I'd really enjoy is the always happy mood within the band. When we're together, is quite unusual if something does not happen. The smallest thing, the least word is the subject to a gag.  Aside from this, the moment when the album is just out. It is quite a special moment. I do love this feeling of the job well done, tension and uncertainty. It is a strange and exciting feeling.

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

PAT: Jim Carrey ! This guy makes me laugh just looking at him!  Otherwise, in the rock business, I'm afraid to be disappointed by some big names. Even though I would like also to meet Dave Lee Roth!

Jim in Dum/Dumber (You know this scene) And David Lee Roth in "Jump"

Olivier: I would love to have a beer with Motorhead's Lemmy and speak about music with him. This guy is astonishing. I'd love to know how he could survive with the life he's having! In addition, he gives the feeling of a cool guy, close to his fans. I'd tell you when I have met him!

What is your opinion about the Blizz Of Rock (

PAT: Thanks Heavens, there are still some webzines like yours and motivated fans to speak about hard rock and have small bands known.

Thank you so much Pat/Olivier and Shannon for using time to answer these questions.

PAT : Thanks to you, Ove, to have welcomed us on your webzine and we wish long life to Blizz Of Rock !!!!

Blizz of rock wishes Shannon all the best, take care Pat/Olivier