Interview with David Page from Time 4 Change by Ove

So David, when was Time 4 Change formed?

David: Well the band was originally formed in 2002. The name at the time was “Thoughtless People” & we disbanded in 2005. I was tired of dealing with drug addicts in the band, so I began interviewing for new members. We went from a five piece to a four piece for a while, keeping with me our newest members, Arley Wilson on guitar & Steven Walters on bass. I had to get a stand in drummer (Jay Hensley) at the time because RJ Singleton was called out on business and could not continue playing for a while. He rejoined us a year later when I joined forces with Steven E. Brandstetter, a former member of Lizzy Borden & Quiet Riot. We went through a half dozen bass players before we settled with John Roach. Shortly after doing some recording, Steve moved back home to help his family, RJ hooked up with a new gal and moved to Oregon, and Roach went back to his old band. So, RJ got a hold of a good friend of ours RYAN ANDERSON, a kick ass rock drummer that was the perfect fit for the music to replace him. Steve hooked me up with two of his former students, TANNER HARPER a phenomenal six string bass player & AHREN AUSTIN, a heavy metal shred master that easily filled Brandstetter's spot. I really wanted the music to be whole again, and with only one guitarist, there was still a hole in the music. That's when Ryan brought in GREG, a former member of a band they were previously in together. GREG is a well seasoned pro guitarist who not only can reproduce what he hears in a heartbeat, he is the best lead player I have ever jammed with! So that's how it all started, and a year later, we have written many new songs together and formed the tightest band any of us have been in.

How did you come up with the name for the band? Did you have an agreement?

David: After we disbanded in 2005, I was ready to give up my dreams of making it when a friend of mine said to me, "Don't give up on your music and your dreams. Maybe it's just "TIME FOR CHANGE"!" An Explosion of creativity happened in me, and I began to build what has become a powerful message to the world on edge!

First time I heard about you, I was host for a Radio station in Sweden. Last year I think. Has anything changed lately?

David: Yes, as I mentioned above, I have restructured the band with dedicated, talented players that are in it for the long term and share a common goal and vision I have for this band and its music! We are playing killer shows and building a huge fan base. Since the release of our two songs in Europe on Scandinavian Radio, "TIME 4 CHANGE" & "NEVER WALKED AWAY," and our live on-air radio interview, we now have a fan base overseas as well!

If you should describe your music in five words, what would it be?

David: Powerfully Melodic & Energetic Heavy Metal, or as I call it "In Your Face Ass Kicking Rock-n-Roll"

Will the upcoming cd contain the song”Thoughtless people” ? I love that song.

David: ABSOLUTELY as well as a mixture of old songs from the album I never released, all rerecorded by the current band and new songs such as "Isolation Room,"   "All Because Of You," and the title track to our album.."THE WORLD ON EDGE."

About the upcoming cd, I am so curious, how many songs will it contain?

David:  Fourteen total songs and a few select cd's will have a special Bonus Ghost Track!

If I am right, there have been some changes with the lineup, how come?

David: Well as I described in the first answer, things are subject to CHANGE! I will never forget the year and a half I spent jamming with STEVEN E. BRANDSTETTER, it was an honor to share the stage with the man, as well as recording with him. RJ, Steve, John & I are still in constant contact to this day and always will be. They are glad to see I have kept it going as strong as I have, and they are on the album on the songs "TIME 4 CHANGE & NEVER WALKED AWAY."

Steven E Brandstetter

Who is the brain of the band? That means who takes care of the songwriting and the lyrics.

David: I have been the lead inspiration of much of the song structure/melodies of all the songs. I guess you might say I conducted the tunes to fit the feelings and the emotions of the lyrics. I personally write all the lyrics based from life happenings of a troubled childhood to this troubled world.

A couple of month ago, a girl contacted me and said “who is that guy Tanner, but I do have 2 say that just looking at a picture of him makes me freeze and takes my breath away” is her exact words. Do you often get this kind of comments?


David: Yes, the ladies do like the band members a lot! Most comments we get we can't post! We get the girls going crazy at our shows! You might say it’s a good problem.

”Hearing problem” is another great song, who wrote the song?

David: I came up with the whole idea based on all the child abuse and neglect going on in all those broken homes out there, starting with my own experiences and then to see it happen to my kids, caused by their mother's new husband, and many other families I have seen it in. It was my way for the children to say, do You Have a Hearing Problem, because no one will listen to the children! My boys actually sing the backup vocals on the tracks!

Do any bands inspire Time 4 Change, where do you get your influence?

David:  Yes many bands influence our music such as Motley Crue, Metallica, G&R, Ozzy, Sound Garden and many more! I am directly influenced by amazing singers of the 70's & 80's. D' Schneider is one of my favorite vocalist as well as Axle Rose...they have a way of really putting the emotion into words! You can feel what they’re saying.

Where could we buy the cd when the time is right? Is it possible to download any of your music, like from I Tunes?

David: We are working on some private deals with national record stores, TBA at the time of release.    Yes you can get some of our tunes off of our Myspace, when the album is complete, we will release it on a wide variety of internet locations.

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

David:  It’s amazing really. Such a wide range of ages and genres are attracted heavily to our sound, kids and adults of all ages.

Will we see Time 4 Change on tour?

David: You sure will! We are working on a summer tour plan right now and are trying to get something going in Europe!

Are there any bands you would love to have with you on your tour?

DAVID: Yes, we would like to take one or two Boise bands with us. Not to mention, it would be awesome to tour with Twisted Sister, Ratt, Motley Crue and so on...

If there was one place in the wide world that you could play, where would that be?

David: Anywhere in EUROPE with a sea of people in front of us!

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from Time 4 Change?

David: One hell of an over the top, high energy, intense show, with great interaction with the fans, the way Rock concerts should be! Sending people home with the music pounding in their heads.

David, you have been doing this a long time, what has been the highlight of your career as a rock musician?

David:  I Feel the Highlight of my career has been getting to share my music with crowds of people, giving every bit of energy I have to the fans as much as they all give to us. Any time we can play for people is a blessing, because I can touch people's lives with my words, and hopefully inspire people to help others they know need them!

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

David: Well I think it would have to be Dee Sneider or James Hetfield *Laughing* Actually anyone who is cool!

Dee SniderJames Hetfield

Where does David Page go pretty much, when he gets online?

David: I search out anything to do with music, Like BLIZZ of ROCK, and talk to my fans, friends and family.

What is your opinion of Blizz Of Rock? (

David: I think it's a great place to learn of other bands, hear their stories and their Music, and it’s got a good look & feel to it overall.  It is a really cool sight that has good fan to band interaction! In a nutshell, I think BLIZZ of ROCK Rocks!

Thank you so much David and Time 4 Change for using your time to answer these questions

David: Thank You OVE and BLIZZ of ROCK for the Interview, Much Respect!

Good luck with the upcoming CD. Rock On brothers

David: Get ready for some TIME 4 CHANGE