Interview with Micke from Coldspell by Ove

First of all Micke, I’m honored to talk to the lead guitar player behind the great rock band Coldspell.

How are you?

Micke: Thanks I'm doin' fine , a little stressed up thats all , think I could need a break over this coming hollidays. Its been much to do with this album, and I'm writing new songs now for our next one that we will start to record in february/march. But hey, I can't complain :))

When was the band Coldspell formed?  What is the story behind the name?

 Micke: ColdSpell where officially formed in 2005 , but this thing has been my little "brainchild" for some years! The name my wife came up with - she works at the famous IceHotel, and where we live we have long and cold Winters with lots of ColdSpell´s , wich means , when it gets really cold suddenly , very rapidly!


How would you describe your music?

 Micke: Today I say this and tomorrow I will say that ,haha. Hope our music is like me , did grow up with those -70´s and -80´s bands, have a weakness for metal , progressive stuff , so I guess our music is a mix of the groove from the -70´s , the melodies from the -80´s and and the power from the -90´s and forward :))  

If I’ve done my homework you released your debut album this year named “Infinite Stargaze” How did that come about?

 Micke: Had this songs and got in contact with Nicky at TSM promotion and he got in touch with Escape-music in UK that called me as soon as they heard us.The album was mixed by the legendary mr Tommy Hansen (Jorn,Helloween,TNT,Pagans Mind.....) and the title was  just was there all the time, but it was the record company that that came up with that idea - Infinite Stargaze is the last song on our album and the longest too.


To work with legends like Helloween, TNT and Pretty Maids must be a hell of an experience and an influence for the band?

Micke:Well we havent worked with them , it is Tommy Hansen who did that but to know what he has achieved over the years just gives me goosebumps,haha

Tommy Hansen

Coldspell have released one album, when can we expect next album?

 Micke: As I mentioned earlier , I hope the album will be released in June 2010 , thats the plan and we intend to stick to it! So hopefully we can get some festivals around Europe in 2010.

Where may we find the album, where could we buy the music from Coldspell?

 Micke: I think our label has very good distribution, but its always hard to reach out to everyone, I can mention a few places : In Norway at
 in Sweden at and . It's also possible to order from Escape at . In US from
 and for example , just to mention a few.

Do you feel the band have grown a lot since 2005?

 Micke: It's been a while since I did an album but when have recorded the songs and the mix is done, the songs has found their home and after that you play the songs in another way, and then I mean better of course. Its quite a long process but it makes a band grow alot.

Is it possible to see Coldspell live on tour?

 Micke: Not yet, but hopefully very soon . I think the whole touring circus is suffering from the consequences of the financial crisis, been a tough year for both labels and everyone involved in this RocknRoll biz. I guess that's been one problem but I hope that we can come up with some touring dates this spring, and hopefully get a chance to rock your socks off,haha

Any bands or artists you would love to have with you on your tour?

 Micke: As a support act it would be awesome to go with the guys in Europe for example , Ian Haugland is a very good friend of mine. Other bands hmm - Whitesnake,Gotthard.....and of course mr Ronnie James Dio

If there was one place in the wide world that you could play Micke where would that be?

 Micke: Budokan in Japan , its a classic hardrock arena :)) That would have been awesome.

Coldspell is a rock band.  Where do you get your influence? Do you feel that Coldspell have their own style?

 Micke: I think I mentioned some influences earlier but I think everything that's good inspires me no matter if its metal classic rock or pop. Yes maybe we have sort of own style, I often get feedback from mags , radio, fans that we include so many styles, a little of classic a little of Metal and some progressive stuff, but I dont know, its very hard to define the songs your writing!  

What’s your opinion about bands back from the 80’s and 90’s is coming back and releasing new albums and heading for tours?

 Micke:Think it's great , it means that there´s a need for that kind of stuff and people liked what they did back then. Guess we have seen some fantastic reunions and some reunions that never should have taken place, sorry!

What sort of age group are you attracting with your music?

 Micke: Seems to cover all ages, but the most people seems to be around 30 - 40 maybe!

How come there are so many good bands from Sweden?

 Micke: I think its the same as in Norway , we have nothin' else to do ,haha. No seriously I dont know but I can guess - we have music education allready when you begin school!!! 

Do you know the band called “Dimmz”? We had an interview with them a couple of months ago

 Micke: Dimmz , no sorry to say , but I guess I've missed something good?

If you got the chance to have a concert in Norway, what could we expect from Coldspell?

 Micke: You'd get a band that is really hungry and eager to make you scream! I think you won't be dissapointed, we are all musicians that have been playin' a lot over the years and I think the machinery is very tight now!

(foto by Fredrik Olofsson )

So you mean that Blizz of Rock is welcome backstage? hahaha

 Micke: Of course - you'll be guest of honour!

Do you know any Norwegian bands?

 Micke: Jorn,TNT,Pagans Mind for example and one band that is not from Norway but the lead singer is - Kamelot , I love that band!

TNT Kamelot

Any instruments you would love to learn how to play, that you don’t?

 Micke: Funny you should ask that 'cause I've always wanted to learn how to play the "bouzoki" !

Would you like Blizz of Rock Radio to play your music?

 Micke: You bet and if you do I'm honoured.

Is there a funny story you could share with us?

 Micke: Ohhh , I have to get back to ypu on that! But I guess we have a bunch of stories after being to Norway

What is the worst thing that could happen on stage?

 Micke: For me it's always those damn strings - you get out on stage , ready to rock and full of adrenalin and then ............strings off! Then it's not so easy to reload! But I guess worse things can happen, maybe do like Steven Tyler, dive from the stage!

If you could turn back the time and choose a new date to start a band, when would that be? And why this year/decade?

 Micke: No I think I'm pleased with things as they are , there´s always that "if" thing, it is always easy to look back and blame yourself for doin' this and not doin' that so I think I pass that question if you dont mind. You know I did two albums in the mid -90´s with RAW that was the continuing part of Dalton, and we did two albums that should have come  a couple of years earlier, or a number of years later, but what the ....

What is the highlight of your career as rock musician?

 Micke: I must say that releasing this album "Infinite Stargaze" is very very special for me, even tough I have done some crazy stuff over the years.

Micke & Tobbe

What makes you happy, Micke?

 Micke: Well Im a extremely happy person, so to have happy people around me that loves life means a lot. When someone writes and tell you that a song and a lyric means so much for them , that makes me both happy and proud 

Anyone you would love to meet, that you have not met yet?

 Micke: Mr Ronnie James Dio has always been someone that seem to be such a nice and polite person. Also Mr Phil Lynnot - but thats impossible I know, what a pity!

Ronnie James Dio

If the band received 100.000$, and had to give it to a good cause, what or who would that be?

 Micke: Blizz of Rock of course! Well, except that, someone who is against Trafficing and childpornography, thats for certain! The global warming is another issue, but I don't think that money can solve that , think its something for the politicians!

What is your opinion about Blizz Of Rock? (

 Micke: Blizz of Rock Rock of course and you seem to be a really nice rocker :))

Who would you like Blizz Of Rock to make an interview with?

 Micke: Jan Teigen and if he´s not interested , Robert Plant

Jahn Teigen

Thank you so much Micke and Coldspell for using time to answer these questions.

 Micke: It was just my pleasure, it was an interesting interview, thank you!

Blizz of rock wishes Coldspell all the best, take care Micke