At the end of the rope


At the end of the rope
A friendly arm touches her shoulder
Doing what he can to hold her
The child’s hand is no longer so small
Not as she can recall, she will not fall
A cold chill goes through her mind
Afraid she will not hold the grind
The future that looked so bright
It doesn’t feel right, this new fight
At the end of the rope, the coffin goes down
Hard to hold as it goes under the ground
The tears are falling. Her knees are shaking
A last goodbye for the one who is fallen
A sound of the bells chiming
Realizing she is not dreaming
The silence are filled with tears
The priest appears, goodbye all years
An anger fills up her body
Making him lose his daddy
The eager to scream is so extreme
No longer a team, just a bad dream
A silent wind blow kindly
Felling suddenly so friendly
The pain is floating away
She no longer sway, but feeling okay

Written by

Ove Lund