Burning up inside


Burning up inside


Spinning wheels and tequila in his veins

An empty bottle of whiskey is all that remains

A cold dark night and a bad bad sight

He looses control and makes a long flight


Opened eyes to total silence

A hunger to scream is so intence

Flahing lights and senseless weight

Close his eyes, knows somethings not right


Burning up inside to tell his story

What he did and say that he is sorry

Burning up inside to make it undone

That it should’ve been him, not Marion


Waking up and feel so scared

A numbness just as he feared

A friendly face in a white dress

He tries to talk, but silent he is


Chained to a chair with equipment in his veins

Two open eyes, is all that remains

An empty room and his parents appears

He sees daddys fear and mammas tears


Endless days and lonely nights

A desperate need to turn off the lights

Copyright Ove Lund