Empty Streets


Empty streets


Here i stand with a tear on my cheek

Wondering why i feel so damn weak

Can’t remember when i last felt the same

And just feel like i’m cought in a frame


All that i see is these empty streets

Your face so clear, my steps so discreet

All my thoughts are driving me insane

Loosing u like this and noone to explain


Now it hurts, and no shoulder to cry on

Thinking why i should carry on

Won’t accept that a piece are missing

It feels like i have broken my wing


How i feel, does noone seem to notice

Helping others makes my heart freeze

Don’t they recognize that i’m in pain

Instead i relive it again and again


Time goes by, and my wounds are healing

Finding ways to stop crying

Ain’t easy to admit youre gone

I know you are there so i’m not alone