Here I am


Here I am

At the age of sixteen I left the house
I found out that I should leave for good
So took my shoes, and they misunderstood
They called the cops, we played cat and mouse

At school they said, I was laying too low
I thought that my teachers didn’t care at all
So I grabbed my books and made a phone call
They kicked me out, and I played Skid Row

I still recall my childhood and the loneliness
I had no friends, because I always was a mess
I kept to myself and never got a knock on the door
But here I am, I could not take it anymore

At my first job, I was delivering papers
I made a few bucks and bought me a guitar
I was a rock n roll dude, and lived back of a car
They called the cops, and I did confess

In jail I was, was it a day or a week?
I got out with a bill to be paid
I found my car and the songs that I made
I called a guy, who looked like a geek

In a band I was, playing only rock n roll
We drove all around and created a face
We were rock stars, and we were a disgrace
They called the cops and we’re back in the hole

In the year 2008, and we still kicking ass
We play our songs, and we have our fans
We are rock stars, and we raise our hands
They call us up, and we raise our glass

Lyrics Ove Lund