My Chamber


My chamber


Your blood is shattered all over the wall

This is what happened when I get my call

Voices that tell me to drive you insane

This is why I now see your brain


Down in my chamber there is all kind of equipments

This is the place where I fill your mouth with cement

Down in this cellar I find peace in my soul

This is the place where you may find your head on a pole


The smell of your fright makes my heart filled with lust

This what happened when you give me your trust

Screams that tell me to go on and on

That is why you got nails in your bone


The joy is to see you begging me to stop

This how it works in my Beauty shop

Laugh is what I do when you suffer

That only makes me doing it tougher


The hunger you will feel, is so natural

That’s why you have to drink your urinal

Silence is when you do not longer resist

That is when you should beg Jesus Christ