You make me sick


You make me sick


There you are with your fancy car

Driving around like some kind of star

But everybody knows, that aint true

Truth is you’ve got nothing to do


There you live, your expensive house

Sitting on the porch like some kind of louse

But everybody knows, that you’re just a fake

Truth is that you’re nothing but a snake


You aint doing shit, just demanding it bit by bit

You make me sick, cause you’re god damn slick

We work for a living, cause bills have to be paid

You pay your bills with the taxes we have mislaid


There you run in your blue sued shoes

Telling the doctor that your health is bad news

But everybody knows, that is just a lie

Truth is that you’re just a third eye


There you are at the doctor’s office

Wining cause you think work is a disease

But everybody knows, you’re just afraid

Truth is you like being prepaid
Copyright Ove Lund