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Reviews by Juanita Von Stein

Blunt ForceTrauma: Cellar Dwellers

  I feel music brings people together,makes us feel happy and alive ,connects us to one another.We can appreciate the beautiful coming together of sound and that is in music,and this in and of itself,unites us.Seems Blunt Force Trauma also feels the same way.

From Blizz Radio chat room shows,Dj’s to listeners in chat,a family like connection and a circle of friends,some formed and attended a get together with Dave Marko the producer and band member from Blunt Force Trauma at his home in honor of Blizz of Rock Radio owner Ove Lund, and named this get together "Ovefest"

As their echoes are heard and recorded in a Cellar with chants of revelant love, friendship,laughter and fun energy, which dwell deep down into the epitome of ones soul,which seem to be contagiously spreading with inner passion from deep within and throughout the Cellar.The album comes at you with full force and lives up to it’s title,Cellar Dwellers .

 No doubt the band can perform a lively concert show to which also will contribute something of value,a zingy arrangement displayed with immense passion, and plenty of zeal to fully satisfy what dwells us.

                                               Band Members:                                               

Brian "Big B" Harrold: Lead and rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals.
BadBoy Dave Marko: Rhythm guitar, keyboards, and bass guitar.
Rick LeBlanc: Drums
Rico Ferguson: Harmonica, guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals.
Album Titles:
1. Cajun Moon (written by Brian Harrold & lead vocals by Brian Harrold)
2. Ceasar (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
3. Loving Arms (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
4. The Ballad of Ove Lund (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
5. Precious Love (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
6. Relevant (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
7. Take Me In Your Heart (written by Rico Ferguson & lead vocals by Rico Ferguson)
8. I’ll Be There For You (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
9. The Best In Me (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)
10.Spaceship (written by Dave Marko & lead vocals by Dave Marko)

Juanita Von Stein,
Blizz of Rock Radio




Sideburn – Jail(2011)

So, are you done listening to the "Cherry red" album? No? I thought so and here comes the funny part. You will never get tired of SIDEBURN. This new album get you in the rocking mood from the very first second. "Live to Rock" is another fantastic song from this amazing band from Switzerland. It took em almost three years to put this album together. So Play it LOUD. Maybe my fav song at this album is "Lazy Daisy" no band in the world know this rock better than Sideburn! Yes, I do write a lot of positive things about this band. But why should I not, they are brilliant musicians!! Album is called JAIL and that is how you will feel after feeding your CD PLAYER with this food. ARRESTED for being a SILLY SIDEBURN FAN!!! Look how silly I am, just after listening to it ONCE!!

Here’s a little Peek Youtube

~Blizz Of Rock~

Lynzee – Lost In America(1986-1989)

You place this cd into your cd player and the first song Naughty Naughty comes crawling into your rocking soul. You get this "Poison" feeling, then you get the "Status Quo" feeling. Then back to the sound we know from Lynzee. ROCK N ROLL!! A well made album. I don’t know where to begin. There are so many great songs on this album. My favorite tracks would be "Lonely Ones" A beautiful ballad. And of course "We will rock" a classic rock song. And don’t forget to get yourself a cold beer and turn up the sound to the song "I’m the man" Great album indeed

~Blizz Of Rock~


Lynzee -Victim Of Nirvana(1986-1989)

Another great album from Lynzee. The band is from California USA. Another album that will take you back to 80′s. The band has kept the good groove that only Lynzee have. The album has some really great tracks. "Strangers" a rocking ballad with a great vocal from Richard Lindsey. A kick ass song called Mean Business. Or even better; listen to the track Runaway…. REALLY GREAT. Haha and they’ve got a tribute to James Brown "I feel good" Oh I almost forgot, I think you have seen the cover before. Great ALBUM!!!

~Blizz Of Rock~


Lynzee – Man Of The People(1988-1992)

Thank God they did not stop creating music. Here comes another great album from Lynzee. Let me share some great songs with you here. "Above Suspicion" Love this track. Great guitarsolos and great melody. "Soltary Man" starts with a lovely Piano melody. A Rock N Roll ballad with a good good lyric. And another beautiful Guitar Solo here as well. And R-Ripped is maybe the best track on this album. Some really good vibes. And you want to rock ’till you drop. Love this album

~Blizz Of Rock~


Dynazty – Bring the thunder(2009)

In 2007, 5 members from Stockholm and Sweden created the band Dynazty. They released an album in 2009 that will rock your socks off. Looking for a record that you can’t put aside or turn off? Well this is it. I’ve listened to a lot of records through the times and this one has it all. Fantastic vocals from the singer Nils Molin. Jawdroppin’ guitar licks from Rob Love(ex. Zan Clan) and John Berg. Joey Fox on Bass and George Egg on Drums. Album produced with no other than Chris Laney (Polar Studio). To choose a couple of the songs from the album is not easy. But “Top of the Line” and “Monkey wants, Monkey Needs” will blow you away. And you thought you loved Kickstart my heart?(Motley) Well then “Adrenalin” is absolutely something for you! I guarantee that this record will be a perfect album for a PARTY EVENING again and again. AWESOME ALBUM!

~Blizz Of Rock~

Grand Design – Time Elevation (2009)

Oh yes, another Swedish band that know how to take you back to the eighties. The band have been playing together since 2006. And they had a pretty good idea to make a great 80’s sound record. And they sure did. Their influence is band like TNT, Def Leappard, Scorpions and of course Europe! I’ve been listening to this album quiet some time now and there is no doubt that these guys know how to use their instruments and talents. It’s hard to choose one song from this album, but the song “Air it out” is a killer song. You can visit Itunes and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Well since you are there and listening to that track and still don’t know if you want to buy this awesome record, please listen to the song “Sheik iddup”. Strong vocal and some heavy rythme guitar play on this album. A must album to have in the collection

~Blizz Of Rock~

Coldspell – Infinite Stargaze(2009).

Coldspell, another great band from Sweden and they come from a town called Kiruna. Ok let me share a secret here. The album is recorded by Pelle Saether and maybe the best part is that "Pretty Maids" "Jorn" "TNT" and Halloween have mixed and mastered this album. And if you like Rock N Roll with a bad ass attitude sound, this is an album that you MUST buy. Ok here comes another secret, go to their page or Itunes and listen to the song called "Straight things out" I promise you a kick ass tune. And when you have heard that song you need more…….. then listen to the song "Infinite Stargaze" I told you, now you can start at their first song called "Keep on believing" and just sit back, drop that, get on your feet and bang your head to this awesome album! The album is shining in my collection. Really great!! Awwww Back to the 80′s!!!! Thank you

~Blizz Of Rock~

Dimmz – This is life(2009).

Metal rock band from Skåne in Sweden. What can I say about this album other than it is totally Rock N Roll. Let me put it like this. If you are pissed and bored, this is the best album to get you in a better mood. Dimmz have a "crispy brutal" sound. And You’ll hear it all through the album. They remind me of Slayer feating Metallica. But with a rock n roll attitude. Songs like "Way of life" "So easy" "cancer" and "Abomination" is something that you need to hear. Then you will be a FAN, just like me

~Blizz Of Rock~

Scarket Sins – Scarlet Sins(2008).

This is a debut album and it is absolutely fantastic. 13 tracks of pure HEAVY METAL. The lead singer Sylvya Nuvynska have a powerful voice that will eat you up alive. They have a done a lot of work with this album. And as Cristina says “I have no regrets. We’re all very proud of this album and wouldn’t change anything” They are speaking the truth! This album have it all. My favorite songs from the album is “Drown” and “Above the ground”. I will also mention a beautiful ballad called “With you”. I can’t wait till the next album.

~Blizz Of Rock~

Johnny Lima – Livin’ out loud (2009).

If you thought that Johnny had given up his own music, you were so wrong. Johnny who has been working with M!zz Crazy, Dirty Penny and Freakshow the last few years, is back where he should be. There is no doubt that Johnny has gotten more experience since his last album in 2007 (Version 1.2). My favorite track on this album is called “Wildflower”. Because that is what this album is! A wild flower!

~Blizz Of Rock~

Hardreams – The road goes on…..

A Spanish rock band, who have learned from the big guys, such as Whitesnake, TNT, Europe and so on. That Hardreams have great musicians says it all. Listen to Manu’s voice in my favorite track “The last desire”. So if you are looking for a good record, then this is your number one choice!

~Blizz Of Rock~

Shannon – Angel in disguise(2008)

Not just a great cover. The Music takes you back to the decades we rockers love so much, the 80/90′s. These guys know how to play their instruments. The riffs makes you wanna scream for more. Songs like “Hungry for love” and “Do you know” goes straight to the top on my playlist. The album is in english, and you better have this album in your rock collection!!

~Blizz Of Rock~

Freakshow – Freakshow(2009)

When 4 great musicians create an album like this together, we demand great music. And THEY DELIVER. Markus Allen Christopher (Known from M!zz Crazy) is bringing the best in his voice to this album. Jeff Labar (Cinderella) on guitar, Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) on drums and Tony Franklin hitting the bass.My favorite tracks are “Everyone” and “Looking back at me”.

~Blizz Of Rock~

TNT – Atlantis(2008)

The Norwegian band is back if they ever were gone. TNT lost one Tony and found another Tony. Tony Mills gives this record a new touch. It’s hard to replace a voice like Tony Harnells’, but I think Mills is doing great on his first album with TNT. The album contain bluesrock and one of my favorite songs on this album is "Tango Girl". It’s very rare and unlike TNT. But then Again VERY TNT! A good album

~Blizz Of Rock~

Sideburn – Cherry Red(2008)

Sideburn deliver and deliver, this is a masterpiece. I must admit, this is one of the best records I’ve heard in ages. They have written a song to Bon Scott called "Ghost of 1980 to Bon Scott". This is totally Rock ‘n’ Roll. And if you think "That’s it?" You’re so wrong. They even got a ballad called "Bring the hammer down". This song could go straight to the Power Ballads collection. Awesome Album.


Hardreams – Calling everywhere Re-released(2009)

I have one word for this album. PERFECT. The lead singer Manu Estve is one of the greatest singers in Europe. If you listen to the song "A place for our love" you know what I am talking about. But he is not alone. David Agüera and his guitar give this album a PERFECT touch! You will not regret having this album in your collection.

~Blizz Of Rock~

M!zz Crazy – II (2008)

When I thought that Rock N roll couldn’t get better, I came across Mizz Crazy. And what a band, what an attitude. Markus Allen Christopher on vocals and Chris Jordan behind the drums. The album gave me goosebumps. I don’t think I found one bad song on this album. Songs like "Livin’ without you" and "How long now" is absolutely worth your time!

~Blizz Of Rock~

Guns ‘N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy(2008)

An album that a band have been working on since 1995, should really be better than this one. The album is without Slash and Izzy Stradlin. I am not going critizise more than this. Because the album have a couple of great songs. “Better” is good and funny song and “Madagaskar” is what is left of Guns ‘N’ Roses ballads.

~Blizz Of Rock~

All reviews are done by Ove"Blizz Of Rock"