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Here at Blizz of Rock you can enjoy the great works of talented artists, read exclusive interviews, and hang out with awesome people!!

Dont worry!!! Just having a tiny lil break.

Dont worry friends. Just having a lil tiny break. Why?
It is just because the summer has been rough and actually hard to find people at home.. can you imagine?? Not staying home and listen to a radiostation in the summer!!! hahahha
END OF SEPTEMBER Start of October… we will get back and shake the net!!!!

Interview with El Mapache

Blizz Of Rock Proudly bring you an interview with the Norwegian Rock N Roll band El Mapache.

Feel free to share the interview

To read the interview click HERE

2nd show and still kicking ass


Some changes has been done to the chat, there are music when you enter the chat!!

Microphone is now working well and there must have been 20 – 40 people through the show!!!

And People keep coming back!

Blizz Of Rock will be your number 1 radio again! We must work to make this happen!!!


Thank you for tuning into Friday night Show


1st show in ages!! Thank you

Really felt good to be back on air again and playing music!  There was some issues with the Mic tonight

There is always something that happens through a radio show 😛

Some changes must be done.

Thank you for helping me  and for tuning into my show “Ove”

Blizz Of Rock has been REOPENED!!!

I am really proud of what the name Blizz Of Rock means to me and many of you

It is not possible to pick up where we left last time… to much has happened

But what I can promise you… IS KICK ASS SHOWS!!! 100% Focus on YOU!!!
As I said before… Blizz Of Rock would not exsist if it wasnt for you!!

The new focus that Blizz will look into now… is Talents. It is not much we can do beside giving you a helping hand.
But there are so many talents out there. And if we’re lucky and good… we might have hits that see you here and contact you!!!

We will also try our best to keep up with old friends and artists.
Interviews… at the moment only written ones. But will do LIVE interviews also

You can upload your music to me… look at the contact page or the talents page

And if I manage, I might open for a talkshow. But I have not been doing this for some time… so bare with me

LOVE YOU MY FRIENDS Lets have fun and enjoy music and life


Chat is up and running

The chat is now up and running. It looks fine and everything works just fine. You can now log in with fb and even with your phone 😉

We have set the age limit to 16 years. There is a lot of adult talk and could also happen there will be some adult stuff in the chat, so we need to have an age limit.

Working on some new ideas

A progress is going on. And at the moment I am thinking about what to do with the Talent page! There is a lot of talents out there, who want to step forward and also want to show what they can do. So, my idea about this is to let people upload their files to me and report them to this page. What I am looking for? A Talent or something you are happy with. That could be
– Photo
– Something you have written
– Something you made
– Painting
– Music

And just to make one thing clear…. A BIG dick is not a talent!