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12th January 2018

YES!!! You read right
I will do another comeback!!! It is really horrible that I can’t be on air and play you music and talk to you!
Soooooo 12th January 2018 I will be back on air!! And bring you more music and fun. And I will kepp my Fridays from 4pm EST to 8pm!!
Europe time that is 23-03!!! 4 hours of rock n roll with songrequests from YOU!!!
I have been busy with the musical I am attending these days “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”
It is hard to do comebacks, but I want to be back on air and try my best to give you all some good and great music

Tons of love

Ove <3

Interview with Tom Bullot and Sticky Boys

Check out this great band Sticky Boys and the fantastic drummer Tom Bullot

P.S!!! Sorry Tom for taking so long!!! You rock my friend!!! And thank you again !!! YOU ROCK!!

A lil break? YOU BEEN AWAY TO LONG!!! Way to long!!

So what the hell is going on with Blizz Of Rock? And where did the Radio go?
Well to be honest, I am lazy!!! Nah… the truth is that I did not think I was going to be this busy as I am these days.
It’s not a lie that it takes a lot of time to run a Radio. So my Kudos to you who manage the time to do this.
Well, will Blizz be on air again? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Looking for someone to help me out with this. I have a HUGE show coming up in November 2017 and this will take a lot of my time. My biggest performance ever. And I am really thrilled about this.
BUT!!! I will hold a show soon at Blizz Of Rock with Pure Rock N roll show with the band Rose Tattoo.
I will also release an interview I had with Tom Bullot and Sticky Boys. WHAT A REALLY GREAT BAND!!! You will love them!!
Everyday I want to go on air, everyday I want to share music with you. Do not think for a second that I have given up..!! I HAVE NOT!
Tons of love to my friends and all the great musicians out there!

Dont worry!!! Just having a tiny lil break.

Dont worry friends. Just having a lil tiny break. Why?
It is just because the summer has been rough and actually hard to find people at home.. can you imagine?? Not staying home and listen to a radiostation in the summer!!! hahahha
END OF SEPTEMBER Start of October… we will get back and shake the net!!!!

Interview with El Mapache

Blizz Of Rock Proudly bring you an interview with the Norwegian Rock N Roll band El Mapache.

Feel free to share the interview

To read the interview click HERE

2nd show and still kicking ass


Some changes has been done to the chat, there are music when you enter the chat!!

Microphone is now working well and there must have been 20 – 40 people through the show!!!

And People keep coming back!

Blizz Of Rock will be your number 1 radio again! We must work to make this happen!!!


Thank you for tuning into Friday night Show


1st show in ages!! Thank you

Really felt good to be back on air again and playing music!  There was some issues with the Mic tonight

There is always something that happens through a radio show 😛

Some changes must be done.

Thank you for helping me  and for tuning into my show “Ove”