Drowning in tears


Drowning in tears

Alone and watching a show on TV
Watching a couple drinking a cup of tea
Thinking about the time when that was me
Holding hands, feeling as happy as I could be

Drowning in tears, please help me out
Swimming in circle as I scream and shout
I am drowning in tears, please hold my hand
Suffocating , please take this rubber band
I don’t want to die, I don’t want to say goodbye

Broken and walking the street at night
Feeling the air blowing as a terrier bite
Breathing fast not ready to take the fight
Running home, scared to face the light

Empty and listening to our favorite song
Singing the chorus from Louis Armstrong
Wondering how everything could go so wrong
Falling tears, wishing we could get along

Scared and picking up my mobile
Dialing your number, it’s been a while
Remembering your voice and how you smile
Hanging up, seem like you’ve gone into exile

Asleep and dreaming I’m letting you go
Following the sign, leave the shadow
Drifting away the same way the river flow
Waking up, ready to go on and glow

Lyric written Ove Lund