Dj Oves events

Onsdager fra klokken 22 - 24(Midnatt) Bare Norsk Musikk (Og mulig intervjuer) (Wednesdays from 4pm EST - 6pm EST  Only Norwegian music 2 hours (Maybe interviews as well at times)) Fredager fra klokken 23 - 02 Bare Rock N Roll musikk (Og Mulig intervjuer) (Fridays From 5pm EST - 8pm EST  Rock N Roll music for 3 hours (Maybe interviews as well at times))

What can be said about this guy?

The founder of BLIZZ OF ROCK AND RADIO ~ Bringing people together ~

A 47 year old guy, who love music and love to help and support bands and artists. And love to make people laugh and have a good time

Always been a rocker…

Husband, Tenor, Father, DJ, Sport lover, Actor, Tenor,  Artist

Easy to talk to, good listener and give you respect if you show respect

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