Papa do you see me


Papa, do you see me?


Everyday I sit and I wonder what can I do

It feels like you do not care anymore

I wish I could do something to reach you

But you seem so upset when you walk out the door


Papa, do you see me?

I feel so alone, and all I want is you to be proud

Papa, do you hear me?

I cry at night. I try my best not to make a sound

Papa, do you love me?

You make me so happy, when you are around


Sometimes I think that you don’t want to be here

It feels like you just want to disappear

I seems to be the one that makes it clear

But I don’t know what to do, to keep you near


Never have you said that you love me

It feels like you are no longer free

I want you to make me feel I’m somebody

But you work a lot and maybe to tired to see


Now I sit and wonder what I could have done

It feels like you gave up everyone

I wish I could go back and hide the gun

But it is to late, since your choice was to shun

(Chor last)

Papa, did you see me?

I felt so alone, all I wanted was you to be proud

Papa, did you hear me?

I Cry at night, I can no longer hide the sound

Papa, did you love me?

You made me so happy when you were around